Hofstra University Students Demand Change for a New Food Service After Becoming Unsatisfied with Lackmann Culinary Services.

Students claim that mice and insects are present while they eat at campus. The demand for a new alternative food service has never been higher.

Lackmann Culinary services are in charge of providing the food service for the student body at Hofstra University. They have done so since 1992.

However, over the last six years, Lackmann has come under some heavy criticism from students, leading to online petitions in an attempt to change the service.

Ehlayna Napolitano the news editor for the Hofstra Chronicle covered four stories since September about the angry backlash from students against Lackmann. The stories range from student feedback, to accusations from students about hazardous contaminations in the food that Lackmann provides. However, Lackmann has denied in countless confrontations with students about their food being a health hazard to the student body.

“Students sometimes feel that they are an overwhelming number violations that we [The Hofstra Chronicle] cover” Said Mrs. Napolitano

According to an article from The Chronicle, published on November 4th, it was reported that since the fall of 2013, eight critical violations, also known as red violations have been found during inspections at various dinning locations on campus. Furthermore, according to the school newspaper, Hofstra has totaled 79 blue violations, that range from unsanitary maintenance to extreme temperature hazards.

Students in the past have claimed that there have been insects, mice roaming around the cafeteria and instances where they have bought bread that is rotten.

Adam Stark, a television and film major, is unsatisfied with Lackmann due to the lack of amount of choices available.

“Lackmann doesn’t offer a great variety of options” Mr. Stark also mentioned that he has heard stories from students about their experiences with Lackmann.

“ They are times that I find Chicken that is undercooked or even fish, which can be hazardous.”

In polls conducted in 2011 from the Chronicle, 80 percent of students surveyed were dissatisfied, and 85 percent from a separate survey demanded a change of service. Furthermore, last spring graduate students made an online petition to overthrow Lackmann as Hofstra`s main food provider. The petition has gathered 523 signatures since last spring. Students are hoping that the number of complaints can convince the administration to change the food service.

However, the school has done very little to recognize the petition and have not shown any signs of terminating their contract with Lackmann anytime soon.


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Is a Private University Education Worth It?

Its true that college tuition has become more expensive over the years and college debt hit an all time high two years ago. It makes the upcoming high school senior and their parents wonder if college is the right choice.However, statistics show that college enrollment has increased drastically since the 90`s. In 2013, it was recorded by Forbes, that 10.3 million had enrolled in college. According to the New York Times, Americans with degrees get paid 98% more than those without. Its safe to conclude that a degree is just as important as it was in the last 10 years, and going to college is a more safer choice for a career seeker according to statistics.

In terms of Private universities, tuition has rose 13% for bachelor degrees just in the last five years. But, depending on the college and wether its a well recognized institute, students have been relatively successful in finding career opportunities in their field of major.

An example is Hofstra University`s students from the school of communication. According to the Long Island based school, their students career outcomes rate is at a 96%. in addition, The biggest college in Long Island claims to have a whopping  93% employment rate after graduation.

These successful statistics can be justified by Linkedin ( worlds largest professional network) Hofstra University was ranked 2nd for the best schools for media professionals in their recent published only behind another New York based University, NYU. The ranking clearly shows that Hofstra University`s students from the school of communication get what they pay for. Each term at Hofstra University costs over 18,000$ which has increased drastically since 2009, when the term costed 14,000.

Tuition is increasing, and its more difficult for students to handle the staggering financial struggle as time goes on. However, depending on the institution,and other factors like major, and time, college is still a worthwhile investment.


Leah Bush Guest Speaker

November 17th- Hempstead, NY-

Leah Bush`s career in journalism and public relations started from the bottom. It’s always fascinating to hear from journalists that they never intended to major in journalism. Many major in English, political science or history. Lia is no exception, in college she majored in phycology. Yet, for a living she writes and travels.

I am certain that I want to be a sports journalist for the rest of my life. However, now days I doubt the approach I’m taking. Professors in that past have suggested that I major in English, as it would broaden my career opportunities.

Leah also uses journalism platforms to publish her work. She designed her word press site but didn’t make it public but used it as a practice platform to reinforce her interests and reporting skills.

Leah started by working for her community newspaper. The editor used to give her assignments that she wasn’t familiar with. She was thrown into the fire from the beginning, which made her adapt to the job and learn how to survive in the business.

As her journalism career began to pick up she ended up working for patch as well. Her editor couldn’t pay her for some reason and it wasn’t too much anyways. Therefore, Leah started to talk to people and heard about patch and started freelancing and covering local events. At patch, Leah explains she go to taste a lot more of the digital age form of journalism with patch. It gave her the opportunity to work with equipment and a CMS.

Leah also gave some advice on how to succeed in a modern age of journalism. She told the class that your writing in the Internet has to give people the essential information. “Visuals are everything.”

The news is more than a business than anytime in history. You need to start thinking like a business. This really got to me. I have heard this before, but as its keep being reinforced by other professionals, I think I should take a business class in the near future. It may just give me a new perspective on the world of journalism.

Election Day – Social Media

Social Media has taken the Democratic’s huge loss to the GOP in the senate race and spread it like a wildfire across the big social media platforms. The GOP has taken over the U.S. senate with a majority win on Tuesday, leading many to believe, Change is just around the corner. The republican`s victory on midterm election arose a few to wonder just how are the republican senates going to handle the big issues in the country.

Tonya Keyes is just one of the few who tweeted an article from Forbes on Twitter, that demonstrates how the GOP senate win can change the foreign Policy in the years to come. According to reports, The GOP victory in the senate gives the Republicans a bigger voice in foreign policy which can affect the United States involvement with Ukraine.

A Facebook user also took the time to post an article from Thinkprogress.org to illustrate how the voting polls have changed among the latino population. Exit polls found out that even thought latinos are still in favor the democratic with a two – one voting margin. According to the post there were a higher number of latino voters for the GOP, leading to some key important races for the Republicans on Tuesday including senate races in both Colorado and Texas.

“Some 23 percent of Latinos, who make up 14 percent of Colorado’s voter bloc, turned out for Cory Gardner as senator. In Texas, where Latinos make up 17 percent of the state’s voter population, gubernatorial incumbent Greg Abbott took in a whopping 44 percent of the Latino vote.”

Its clear the midterm elections signified many changes going on in the country. The GOP will have a bigger voice, and will certainly pressure officials to make changes happen their way. Yet, its unclear just how these changes will occur and how the Democratic will respond.

Guest Speaker report

Special Guest Speaker: Adina

Adina was a true inspiration. She showed me that even when she was going nowhere with her journalism career, she was able to turn around her fortunes. After college she wasn’t able to get a job. She got a job at book publishing after her mother told her to do something with her life. This showed that she literally started from the bottom making her way to writing three stories a day for Patch.

Someone told her to just write for free and to write for the Anton weekly newspaper and told her to be a stinger. She covered boring meetings, and it seemed that Adina didn’t enjoy her work at that point. But she reflected how those meetings helped her afterwards regarding building relationships.

What I found intriguing was that she emphasized on building relationships. It was clear that wearing different hats in the industry could shape your journalism career. She also said how journalists have to work with PR majors. I never knew that a journalist working with PR majors is critical to get all the accurate information regarding writing news events.

Even though she doesn’t work for a big media outlet like The New York Times, she still uses technology and traditional print journalism to excel in her work. I was very impressed how she has to write three stories a day. It really showed me that she loves what she does. She described her beat as hyper local news.

I think the best advice that she gave was that Journalism tools/skills are transferable to other careers. Communication is ideal in building acquaintances to help out breaking stories.

I remember her saying that she would call the fireman chief to break a story before he would get to the scene. Its incredible what Adina would do to break a story.

It’s clear that this job has a lot deadlines, a lot of pressure. Adina demonstrated in order to excel in your work; you must work at an incredible work rate.

I appreciate the guest speakers. They give students their perspective from inside the media industry and sheds light on how to succeed in the industry.

Journalism Tools Project: Ebola

Ebola has dominated the news headlines for the past weeks. The deadly virus has a 50% mortality rate. The virus has caused an outbreak around Africa killing thousands of people. Not only is there a doctor that’s being quarantined in New york, but also a doctor who tested negative for Ebola in New jersey, coming back from Africa saving many lives. She is considered a hero, yet has to undergo 21 days of mandatory quarantine. Melvin and Justin Chen discuss their knowledge and views on Ebola. In addition, Julia Baez discusses her opinion on the doctor that has been in mandatory quarantine in New Jersey.